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Links opening in another Window

Links generally open in another window which can sometimes be quite small.  To enlarge the window so that it fills the whole screen click on the middle browser button in the top right hand corner of the screen (see Internet Explorer example)

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To close the window and return to the page which you linked from just click on the red button with the white x.

Some features of the re-developed Court and Tribunal web sites:

  • Navigation to various areas of the sites has been simplified
  • Content can be accessed using using Menus, Search or the A-Z Index
  • A Consistent User Experience has been built in to the design of the sites

Browsing and searching

Navigation bar

We recognise that individuals use the Internet in different ways and our sites provide a variety of pathways to find the information you are looking for.

On the left hand side of the page is a collapsible menu. Clicking on a particular heading (such as About Us in the example) will expand the heading out to a second level. Where applicable second level headings can also be expanded to third level headings.


The links in the left hand navigation bar refer to web site page names. Two additional features that will assist the user are the A-Z Index which provides links to headings within pages and the Search Box which appears near the top right hand corner of each page. The Search Box will find individual words and phrases in the web site.

 Search Box


There is a PRINT button to the left of the SEARCH Box which allows you to print a page in a printer friendly format.

Utility Bar

Utility Bar

The Utility Bar links are located under the Title Bar on each page. They contain links to help you find your way round the site and to Forms and Publications.


On every page except the Home Page there will be a Breadcrumb trail underneath the Utility Bar showing you were you have come from. In the example shown below if you were on the Interpreters Page then the Breadcrumb trail would indicate that you had started on the Courts Tasmania Page, then used the Navigation Menu to go to About Us and Services and finally arriving at Interpreters. All the Breadcrumbs are live links so you have the option to go back to any of these pages without having to keep clicking on the Back button in your browser.


Disclaimer and Copyright Information

There is a link to this information both at the bottom and also in the top left hand corner of each page.

Publication formats

Documents on the Courts and Tribunals web sites will be in either Word or Portable Document Format (PDF).

Word documents are indicated by a Word Document icon and PDF documents by a PDF Document icon.

To open PDF documents you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Instructions for downloading this software for free are provided wherever PDF documents are listed.