Courts and Tribunals Tasmania

Courts and Tribunals

Tasmanian Courts

The Supreme Court and the Magistrates Court deal with criminal matters and civil disputes.

Commonwealth Courts

The Family Court of Australia deals with family and relationship matters. Additional information about Family Court matters can be found on the Family Law Network Australia web site.

The Federal Magistrates Court's jurisdiction includes family law and child support, administrative law, bankruptcy, human rights, consumer protection and trade practices, privacy, migration, copyright, industrial law and admiralty law. The court shares these jurisdictions with the Family Court of Austrtalia and the Federal Court. Some work in those jurisdictions continues to be done in state courts.

The Federal Court's jurisdiction covers almost all civil matters arising under Australian Federal law and some summary criminal matters.

The High Court hears appeals from both Federal and State Courts.

State Tribunals

Tribunals are bodies established to adjudicate disputes in specific areas. Tasmanian Tribunals include:

  • Anti-Discrimination Tribunal
  • Asbestos Compensation Tribunal 
  • Health Practitioners Tribunal
  • Mental Health Tribunal
  • Mining Tribunal
  • Motor Accidents Compensation Tribunal
  • Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal
  • Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal


Information about the sentencing process and what is taken into account by judicial officers can be found on the Sentencing Website.